May 18, 2017 Planning Meeting

Here is the plan (map drawing) informally presented at the May 18 Planning Board meeting by the Hamilton Square developers, along with a meeting write-up:

It shows:

8 Market-rate for-sale buildings, with what appears to be a one-car garage for each

  • 1 single family house
  • 7 2-unit dwellings
  • 15 total

5 Affordable (subsidized) for-sale buildings, with parking spaces

  • 1 with 4 units
  • 3 with 3 units
  • 1 with 2 units
  • 15 total

14 buildings with affordable (subsidized) rental apartments, with parking spaces

  • 4 with 4 units
  • 10 with 3 units
  • 46 total (although the legend indicates 50 units)

There are also a community center (likely laundry facilities, office, meeting room, etc), a playground, and 4 areas called “stormwater management practice” which were described as areas to which rain water would be directed.

This was presented informally as an option, to the planning board, having taken into account feedback from the community.   The planning board took the unusual step of opening the floor to community comments and questions (normally this would only be done when a plan was formally submitted).

The developers indicated they planned to submit a plan in early July. At that point the planning board starts a process of reviewing all aspects of the plan as it relates to zoning and other relevant issues.

The next scheduled planning board meeting is June 15, 7pm, and the following one is July 20.  The Village meeting calendar is here.


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