May 31 Special Village Board meeting

This post has been corrected.

The meeting was announced with the appropriate timing and methods.  The village website post was revised on May 31 but the meeting was announced earlier.

Due to unforeseen and very unfortunate personal issues, the agenda was not prepared as thoroughly as it could have been, and normally is.

We regret making assumptions and will strive to do better.


A special Village Board meeting held May 31, with the agenda of the sidewalk projects and any other business that comes before the board.

Please note that these are not official minutes of the meeting. If there are corrections, please email them to

Around 10 people attended, and the agenda was:

  • Discussion of Sidewalk Grant cutback possibilities
  • Discussion of Hamilton Square: possibility of Barbara Lifton’s help with funding the village street
  • Discussion of Events Permit for Congressman Tom Reed Town Hall meeting

Briefly, the sidewalk project will go out to bid again and it looks like Tom Reed will probably get the firehouse for his meeting Saturday morning, 8:30-9:30am.

Regarding Hamilton Square:

INHS came to the board to ask if the board would meet with them and Barbara Lifton to see if Barbara can release funds that can pay, in whole or in part, for the village street needed for the Hamilton Square development.  This is a request that the village needs to make, not INHS. Estimates for the street are $1 million, possibly $1.5 million, although that may include more infrastructure than just the street, I’m not sure.

This funding will make the project easier. Without this funding, INHS may still get different funding and be able to proceed.

While there was considerable discussion among the board and audience, both for and against meeting at this point, it appears that the mayor Marty Petrovic will meet with Barbara Lifton and INHS to discuss this possible funding, making clear that this does not mean the Village will approve the project.

Barbara Lifton:

Additional discussion was held about the process of approving Hamilton Square. The two points the trustees feel they have a ‘go/no-go’ decision are this funding request, and whether to use market-rate or subsidized-rate assessments for tax determination for Hamilton Square owners (both individual property owners and INHS as the owner of the rentals). The mayor indicated he felt it was fair to use subsidized-rate assessments, during conversation.

The mayor mentioned that the planning board and zoning board have most of the responsibility of working through the Hamilton Square approval process, and that both boards should be working independently from the board of trustees.

Nancy Tubbs

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