INHS development in Seneca Falls – photos

Here’s what INHS’s development Pine View Circle looked like May 31, 2017.  This is close to the Waterloo exit of the Thruway, very close to the new del Lago Resort and Casino, and about 6 miles to the Waterloo outlets. It is anticipated that employees of those businesses will live here.

There are 48 rentals with income-based rents, section 8 available, on 10 acres. This makes it the approximate density of the Trumansburg plans as seen to date (77-90 units on 19 acres).

One side of the complex has a giant drainage ditch and a patch of woods, the other has light commercial activity and a house. It’s on Rt 318, a major road, largely surrounded by open fields. Below is an aerial view of the location (red marker). In the upper portion is the Petro truck stop and the Thruway exit. Just north of this exit is the casino.


It looks like 12 buildings are planned, with about 6 up. On the website’s plan, two buildings closer to the road aren’t shown. Applications accepted now for occupancy in October 2017.


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