Correction regarding May 31 meeting

The post regarding the May 31 Village board meeting has been corrected.

The meeting was announced with the appropriate timing and methods.  The village website post was revised on May 31 but the meeting was announced earlier.

Due to unforeseen and very unfortunate personal issues, the agenda was not prepared as thoroughly as it could have been, and normally is.

We regret making assumptions and will strive to do better.

Nancy Tubbs

Thursday Village Planning mtg with developers, plus Monday Village Board meeting (updated)

Monday, June 12, Village board meeting.

Thursday, June 15, Village planning meeting.  As of now, the developers are on the agenda; we understand they will show a revised sketch.

The format of community input will be different from the May 18 meeting. Each community member who wants to speak will have one turn of 3 minutes. The board and developers are not obliged to respond, but may if they choose.

We have no information about any other agenda items.