Free Press/ write-up from Planning Board and Village Board meetings

Trumansburg Residents Want Answers to Hamilton Square Questions

The Village Board of Trustees has reached out to Brenner and INHS to offer a possible relationship. At the June 12 meeting of the trustees board member Rordan Hart argued that if the plan could move forward without tax payer money he would not have suggested the idea, but in order to build the necessary road through the property that will be given to the village the trustees might be involved in accessing state funds and it will then be maintained with tax payer money. Because of this situation, Hart argued the trustees should offer to work with the developers if they were open to the idea. It has been confirmed by INHS and Brenner that the representatives from the trustees will be sitting down with the developers to discuss how the two bodies can work together on this project, the trustees acting as representatives of their constituents who have voiced concerns.