Summary of 7/13 INHS/Brenner community meeting

Here’s my take on the project changes in the 7/13 presentation, compared to what was presented in May.


May: units segregated by type
7/13: units more mixed up; not completely random but more so

Market rate lots

Note: this part of the development is all assumptions. People buy a lot and build what they want to build.

May: 10 lots, 24 +/- units.  Then 10 lots, 15 units (for example, 5 single-family, 5 duplexes).
7/13: 8 lots, 15 units (for example, 1 single-family, 7 duplexes; or could be simply 8 single family houses).

Affordable for-sale townhomes

May: 7-8 lots, 15-17 units
– 7/13: 5 lots, 11 units

– 7/13: Projected maximum incomes were shown:
These (up to $105K for family of 6) are higher than in the FAQ on the website, which said typically $30,000 – $65,000 a year.

Affordable rentals

– May: 47-51. No info on split between 1/2/3 bedroom.  All buildings appeared to be 2-story, not clear whether all units would be 2-story.
7/13: 47.  1/3 of rentals are one-story patio homes, suitable for seniors.

7/13: Rent numbers have increased vs their website FAQ, and now include utility estimates. The income ranges are the same as in the FAQ on their website.

Nursery school

May: No nursery school
7/13: Includes space for nonprofit Trumansburg Community Nursery School plus parking (currently in Presbyterian chapel on Main St).  2016-17 enrollment: 36 children. Goal is to expand offerings: extended hours, additional space for more kids, expand offerings (play groups, drop-in care, parenting classes).

Wetlands and drainage

May: No wetlands identified
7/13: Wetlands marked on map and no development there (reduced number of for-sale lots).  Arrows on site plan showing direction of surface water flow, and drainage ponds.


May: No traffic information.
– 7/13: Mentioned traffic study on South St, found road could handle additional traffic. Will be doing additional traffic research.

They are now planning to submit their plan to the Planning Board mid-August. As always, let me know any questions.

Nancy Tubbs

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