Development name possibilities

Some alternate names for Hamilton Square:

To be fair to all the paper denominations

$1- Washington Sq.  (taken), $2-  Jefferson Sq. ( maybe phony like a $3 bill), $5- Lincoln Sq. ( not the Park ), of course $10- Hamilton Sq., $20- Jackson Sq. (not the Heights ), $50- Grant Sq. ( not the Tomb), $100- Franklin Sq, ( not the town on Long Island ). Getting a bit more obscure but still valid possibilities; $500- McKinley Sq. ( portrait before assassination ), $1000- Cleveland Sq. ( not the Ave. in Ithaca ), $5000- Madison Sq. ( not the Garden), $10000- Chase Sq. ( not the bank, maybe the bank? ), $100000- Wilson Sq. ( not the volleyball in Castaway ).

Another  line of possibilities, Tony Award  Best Musical Winners

“Hamilton” Sq.   Rumor has it is that this may be the real reason for the name,   “Cabaret” Commons, “Cats” Crossings,   “The Wiz” Waysides, “Titanic” Town Houses, “Les Miz”
Meander,   “Hairspray” Homes,  “Annie” Acres,   “The Producers” Park Lands, “Spamalot” Lots for Sale,   “Kinky Boots” Bottom, (too risque? ), “Rent” Rentals.  These are just a few of the many Broadway connected offerings. Please feel free to add if you’d like.

Describing the characteristics of the terrain should also be included in the spin of the wheel .

Soggy Bottom Acres, Mudville Meadows, Village in the Village, Cat Tail Corners, South  Pennsylvania Crossroads, Brenner’s Bayou ( nothing personal, but hard to resist ), Traffic Trails, Little Venice/ Gondoliers Gardens, Boggy Brook, Runoff Run, Density Dell, Trumansburg Neighborhood Housing,  and any others you may think

These are some musings on a rainy day and are  not meant to be too caustic. You may be able to tell which position I’m leaning towards, but I think everyone should try to think of a name that can express their feelings, please keep it light..This may be too edgy for some, not edgy enough for others. I thought a lighter take on things may help ease some tensions, and remind ourselves that we’re all Bozos on this bus. If any one would like to add to this it could be a fun way to come together a little more.  Maybe a vote for a favorite or new combinations or contributions can give us a chuckle or two.

Dispatched From Dogpatch

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