Hamilton Square by the numbers and dates

By Nancy Tubbs

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Dear Editor and Trumansburg residents,

The developers for 46 South Street, Hamilton Square, are expected to submit a formal application by Thursday, August 10, and present their plans formally to the Planning Board at the August 24 meeting. We hope we’ll be able to see the plans shortly after August 10, but we don’t yet know if, when and how they’ll be available. This application initiates the formal process of review by the Planning Board, who will work with the developers to set a timeline for the various steps of the review process.

The land for Hamilton Square is 19 acres, including 2 entrances (South St. across from the Historical Society and Pennsylvania Ave, after the second house from Halsey St.). The latest plans shown include 47 affordable (subsidized and income-restricted) rentals, 11 affordable for-sale townhouses, 8 lots for market-rate housing (assumed to be 15 units), a nursery school, and a community building. The total number of housing units is assumed to be 73.

Property Tax: The rentals’ estimated assessment is $17,554 each, for a total of $825,000. For example, if the tax rate goes up 2 points, taxes for an average $200,000 house will increase $400, while a rental’s will increase $35.

Seniors: One option for seniors aging in place is to pursue one of the 15 one-bedroom, single story rentals planned, if their income qualifies. There will likely be a lottery for the apartments, and they aren’t reserved for seniors. The other option for seniors is to buy a lot and build a house, as the affordable for-sale units will be reserved for first-time homebuyers.

Rents: Projected rents range from $549-850 for a one-bedroom, $737-1050 for a 2-bedroom, and $900-1250 for a three bedroom. Trumansburg’s current estimated median rent is $859.

Road: The project includes a new village road and associated infrastructure (water, sewer, power, etc), which will be built by the developers and deeded to the Village.

The Village Planning Board will probably be spending the next several months reviewing the plan and its supporting material. The Planning Board usually meets the fourth Thursday of the month, at 7pm, at the Village Hall’s meeting room, in the back of the building (parking lot on Elm Street). Residents are welcome to attend, and the Board has a history of allowing the public 3-minute speaking opportunities.

As a fellow resident, I urge you to follow the planning process, and in particular, attend the Public Hearing sessions that are a required part of the review.

Upcoming dates:

Thursday, August 17, 7pm, Trumansburg Conservatory: the developers, INHS and Claudia Brenner, will hold another community meeting, with a focus on traffic.

Saturday, August 19, 11am-1pm, INHS (Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services) welcomes Trumansburg residents to tour their 2 latest townhouses in Ithaca, 206 and 208 Hancock Street.

Thursday, August 24, 7pm, Trumansburg Planning Board meeting, where the developers will present a revised subdivision sketch plan to the Planning Board.

Here are some sources of more information:

Village website at trumansburg-ny.gov

Developers’ project website at southstreetproject.org

Informal community networking site: trumansburg.nextdoor.com

Informal related blog: tburgnow.com (I run this as an unpaid hobby)

If you have questions or concerns about the development, now is the time to communicate them to the Village Planning Board. Besides meetings, they can be reached by email at PlanningBoard@trumansburg-ny.gov link, by mail at 56 East Main Street, or by dropping off a letter at the Village Hall.

Nancy Tubbs
Tamarack Lane​