Planning Board working session, Oct 12, 2017

At this meeting the developers presented a new sketch plan. Key changes:

The 100-ft wide entrance, across from UHS and the school bus garage entrance, was no longer used as a road, it was left natural.

The entrance on Pennsylvania Ave would be the main entrance. The right-of-way between 50 and 52 South St would be either a private drive or an emergency access point (closed to all traffic except emergency vehicles).

All 1 and 2 bedroom rentals (total of 37 rentals) were in two 2-story buildings at the center of the development. These buildings also included the community center, office, laundry, etc.   A size comparison to Juniper Manor II (on Pease St) was made.

All 3 bedroom rentals (10, for a total of 47 rentals) are in 4 separate buildings.

The nursery school was moved to the south west corner.

The number of units remains the same:
– 47 rentals
– 11 affordable for-sale
– 14 market rate for-sale (in the plan, there are 4 single family units and 10 in 5 duplexes

There is still a building for the nursery school, but no longer a separate building for the community center – that is now in one of the big buildings.

Recording of the meeting:

The developers will post the presentation to their project website  by Monday, Oct 16. In the meantime, here are some key slides:


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