Hamilton Square application, August 2017

New 1-page sketch with lots of detail: 2017.08.11_Hamilton-Square-Sketch-Map

1-page sketch: 2017.08.11_Hamilton-Square-Conceptual-Landscape-Plan

Overview, easy to read: Cover letter and project narrative

1-page sketch, looks like the same as first item above: Exh A Subdivision Sketch Plat

Aerial photo: Exh B Aerial Map

Multi-page form with lots of checkboxes describing the site and development, and what aspects need supporting data: Exh C Part I of Full Enviro Assess Form – EAF

Calculations estimating number of residents and children: Exh D Est num of units residents children

How developers feel this meets Trumansburg’s needs, easy to read: Exh E Narrative of compliance w Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Housing Survey

Exh F is Community Engagement and Outreach Materials, including copies of every presentation and then some. It’s very long, I’ll split it up and post it shortly.

Exh G Community letters of support

Traffic information:

Exh H Traffic study

Exh H Traffic A1 Traffic volume data

Exh H Traffic A2 Misc traffic data

Exh H Traffic A3 Level of Service criteria and definitions

Exh H Traffic A4 Level of Service calculations – Existing conditions

Exh H Traffic A5 Level of Service calc – Background conditions

I did not see an appendix A6

Exh H Traffic A7 Level of Service calc – Full build conditions


Exh I Wetlands

Exh J Flora Fauna Survey

Exh K Historic Preservation Impact

Exh L Phase I and II Enviro Site Assessmts Summaries

Exh M Soil Borings and GeoTech

Exh M Soil A Test Boring Logs and Key

Exh M Soil B Lab testing results

Exh M Soil C Field Infiltration test results

Exh M Soil D Percolation test results

Exh M Soil E Summ of groundwater measurements

Exh M Soil F General Fill Material and Earthworks Reco

Exh M Soil G Info regarding geotech report

Exh N No impact letters water sewer DPW fire EMS school

Exh O Case Study summaries

Topographical map: Appx A Site Survey with wetlands mapping

Where site is located: Appx B Site context plan

 Overhead sketch with less detail, black and white: Appx C Preliminary Site Plan

Layout of units within site, black and white: Appx D Dwelling Unit Type Distrib Plan

Simplified sketch with lot lines, black and white: Appx E Subdivision Diagram

Looks like same as 2nd item above, but smaller: Appx F Conceptual landscape plan