Welcome! We’re providing information about current housing-related issues in Trumansburg, NY.

Our goal is for this site is to act as a clearinghouse of information, particularly related to the proposed housing development Hamilton Square.  We hope to make it easy to find information about zoning, affordable housing, local housing and population trends, drainage, traffic, and any other related topics, as well as local government activity. Please send any questions you have, or information you’d like to share.

We understand people will have different concerns, values, and thoughts about this and any other housing developments, and also offer this website as a place to hold community input. So if you have a ‘letter to the editor’ or ‘open floor’ type of statement or question, send it in and we’ll post it.

Our hope is that together as a community we’ll continue to work to make Trumansburg even more wonderful than it already is.

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Nancy Tubbs (welcoming additional contributors and editors)